2022 Marching Band Fees

The participation cost for the 2022 session is $750. This includes one week of in-town band camp, one week of out-of-town band camp, trip costs, band t-shirt and gloves.

There are many opportunities for fundraising to help pay your band fees. Check out the fundraising page, or contact our fundraising chair at [email protected] for more information.

Other purchases may include:
Marching shoes - $50
Compression Shirt - $25
Gloves - $4
Wristbands - $4
Additional Color Guard items - (flag silks rifles, bags, etc.)
Instrument supplies - (reeds, valve oil, drumsticks, mallets, etc.)
2022 Fee Payment Schedule
May $100 (non-refundable deposit)
June 9: $250
July 14: $200 (must be current – first $550 of costs– on payments to attend out of town band camp)
August 9: $200 (may be reduced depending on in-town band camp fundraising success)

*London trip is NOT INCLUDED in the season fee.