2019 Marching Band Fees

The participation cost for the 2019 season is $850. This includes one week of in-town band camp, one week of out-of-town band camp, staffing, trip costs, show costs, band t-shirt and gloves. California trip Nov 7-10 is INCLUDED in the $850 Season Fee.

There are many opportunities for fundraising to help pay your band fees. Check out the fundraising page, or contact our fundraising chair at [email protected] for more information.

Other purchases may include:
Marching shoes - $43
Compression Shirt - $15
Additional Color Guard items - (flag silks, poles, rifles, bags, etc.)
Instrument supplies - (reeds, valve oil, drumsticks, mallets, etc.)
2019 Fee Payment Schedule
May 18 $75
June 6 $200
July 11 $200
August 8 $200
September 5 $175

NEW THIS YEAR: The boosters will be crediting your student’s band fees $50 for being an active participant in the booster organization. You must volunteer for two events (ie fundraisers, football games, etc.) in addition to the Gilbert Marching Invitational on October 26, 2019 to receive the credit. The credit would reduce the final payment from $175 to $125.